Welcome to Ladybug!

This is a new tool designed to help you in the process of agile planning and development.

Are you a small or medium sized company, a non-profit organization, an open-source project or even a group of students working for a project and looking for a free agile development tool? Then, you are in the right place!


There are many such tools out there, but unfortunately the best of them are quite expensive. This project is an open-source effort aiming to produce a free agile planning and development tool.

The goal of this project is to offer a light, free and user-friendly solution for small and medium sized products developed using agile techniques.


Ladybug is still in its alpha phase. Therefore, it is not ready yet to be taken into real usage. However, keep following us, since work is ongoing to enrich its functionality. More details can be found in the roadmap section.

Our Motto

We will try to follow our motto throughout our development process, as well as for the user's experience when using Ladybug:

“Keep things simple and clever.”