In this page you can follow the road-map of this project. The items here are arranged in a relative order, according to the current understanding and priorities.

The list is not exhaustive, and it can be changed without notice. Items might appear, disappear or change location (order). Also, the items further down the list are more generic and high-level, compared to the done items or the very next to-do items. The road-map is arranged in a chronological priority order. Items that still need to be implemented are emphasized.

Pre-alpha phase (mostly planning and try-outs)

  • Build the core logic
  • Create the graphic effects library
  • Design the GUI to have a non-standard, rather glossy look
  • Design look and feel, around the name of the project and the logo
  • Add support to create, edit and delete items
  • Add drag and drop functionality
  • Add internal event mechanism
  • Make the application distributed (client - server)
  • Add file-based database support, for storing data on the server side

Alpha phase (plan crystallized, main features to be implemented)

  • Create custom LAF
  • Switch to JDBC database support on the server side
  • Design and implement the users view
  • Design and implement the orphaned items view
  • Design and implement the teams view
  • Design and implement the sprint backlog view
  • Design and implement the iteration management view
  • Design and implement the settings view
  • Enhance the drag and drop functionality, to allow dropping items into other components
  • Introduce item dependencies

Beta phase (basic set of main features implemented, ready for testing)

  • Add i18n support
  • Implement IRC bot capability for logging and control
  • Add report generation capabilities
  • Add report-printing support